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The offending animal in an animal attack case is usually a dog such as a pit bull, Rottweiler, or a Doberman pinscher. Any breed of dog, however, may bite a child, a stranger or even a family member for many reasons, even in the absence of any provocation or taunting by the dog bite victim.Often, the landlord or owner of a dog that has bitten an individual carries homeowner’s insurance or liability insurance which will pay for medical bills, and compensate a dog bite victim for scarring, disfigurement and pain and suffering as a result of a dog bite. If you have suffered a dog bite, a personal injury attorney from the Law Office of Curry & Westgate can help you recover full and fair money damages for your injury and losses.

Safety Concerns for Residents of Stockton, California

At the Law Office of Curry & Westgate, our animal attack attorneys aggressively pursue the rights of dog bite victims. As injury lawyers Stockton, we are committed to promoting safety and general public awareness of the dangers of failing to protect victims from dogs with dangerous propensities. We demonstrate this commitment by aggressively litigating dog bite cases and obtaining fair and reasonable compensation for pain and suffering and medical bills. Dog bites and other animal attacks can happen anywhere regardless of whether the area is densely populated areas or rural. The Law Office of Curry & Westgate represents clients located in Stockton and throughout San Joaquin County, California.

Dog bites need to be taken seriously. Very frequently they result in scarring, nerve damage, and disfigurement which can necessitate plastic surgery and forever change the lives of bite victims.

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Waiting until the injury has healed or for your neighbor to train the dog not to bite again may be too late. The Law Office of Curry & Westgate can provide an aggressive and experienced attorney to maximize resolution of your animal attack or dog bite case. Call 209-473-0394 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.