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When you unjustly lose a loved one, let the legal process pursue justice

Mourning a loved one is never easy. It is an emotional time under any circumstances. When a loved one is taken from us too early in life — and particularly if another person or party was responsible for the death — the loss is even more tragic. If another person’s negligence resulted in the death of your loved one, you may consider initiating a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of a wrongful death lawyer in the Stockton, CA Law Office of Curry & Westgate.Our trial attorneys have been handling wrongful death cases for more than 25 years. We serve residents of Stockton and other San Joaquin County communities.

Understanding wrongful death cases

You can file a wrongful death action against anyone whose intentional or unintentional negligent action or behavior directly or indirectly led to a serious injury that ultimately resulted with the death of your loved one. For example, if your loved one died in a fatal automobile accident that was the fault of another driver, the driver at fault could be found liable for unintentional negligence. On the other hand, if your loved one suffered a blow to the head in a physical altercation and then later died of injuries caused by that head trauma, the wrongful death would be considered intentional.

Every case contains unique details. However, wrongful death claims commonly fall under one or more of the following categories:

     Car accidents

     Truck or bus accidents

      Motorcycle accidents

     Other fatal personal injuries

Who can file a California wrongful death lawsuit?

Most typically, the deceased’s surviving immediate family initiates a wrongful death suit. Sometimes other relations such as grandparents, legal guardians and siblings are allowed to file if the deceased had no spouse, children or living parents. It’s best to consult a wrongful death lawyer from the Law Office of Curry & Westgate,based in Stockton, if you are unsure whether you have standing to file a wrongful death claim.

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil charge, and it is different and separate from criminal charges such as murder or manslaughter. The outcome of either case has no effect on the other, meaning that a victim’s family or loved ones may pursue a wrongful death case and win, even if the defendant is acquitted of murder in a criminal court.

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